Certified contractor in technological contstruction solutions for Aruba

Contratista certificado en soluciones tecnológicas de construcción para Aruba

Advantages characteristics of the isotex system

For over 30 years ISOTEX has researched and developed the most advanced technological solutions for the industrialised and automated production of the various building system components. The simplicity of assembly, the extreme lightness and the easiness of handling of the panels allow the realisation of any kind of construction, even under difficult working conditions and in areas of adverse climate conditions or high seismic risk areas.

Consider some of the most important advantages:

Before you start assembling the ISOTEX systems for your new house, you should be aware of the following expenses to prepare your building site:

Quick Installation
Countless projects build under various conditions in many countries of the world and using the most diverse workforce have shown a remarkable shortening of the construction time using the ISOTEX Systems compared to those carried out with traditional systems. The use of this industrialized system optimizes the construction process resulting in reduced construction time and labor costs.

Energetic Sustainability and Saving
The improved thermal comfort inside the structures build with ISOTEX systems is guaranteed by the widespread presence of the EPS core and by its very low heat conductivity that cancels thermal bridges dramatically (no need for insulated pipes inside the walls) and reduces energy consumption, thus creating a sustainable structure.

Cost Reduction
The use ISOTEX building System has e real advantage for the project developers as well as the final users because of its price/performance in comparison with traditional building systems. This advance building system eliminates many unnecessary procedures and materials(like formwork, lintels, installation channels, excessive or unnecessary concrete and rebar due to low natural weight) resulting in remarkable material and cost reduction.

Earthquake Resistant
Laboratory tests carried out on a prototype two-story full-scale ISOTEX panel system building have shown that the structures erected with this monolithic building system withstands, with no damages, strains greater than those calculated for first class earthquake regulations. These results obtained during these tests represent the scientific confirmation of what already has been experimented in nature many times.

Fire Resistant
The quality of the expanded polystyrene used for our panels are of the self-extinguishing type. Moreover, the two concrete layers which cover the panel sides prevent its combustion. The fire resistance has also been verified in tests carried out at different laboratories, complying in full width the minimum requirements of the most demanding regulations including those of the Curaçao fire Department.

Acoustic Insulation
The soundproofing of the ISOTEX panel system represents one of the advantages of the building system. The possible application of additional acoustic absorbent materials onto the panels (such as corks, Mapesound, Mapeguard etc.) optimizes the insulation in accordance with the strictest acoustic requirements.

Bearing Capacity
Numerous laboratory tests carried out all over the world have proven the high load resistance of the ISOTEX panels. Compression tests with center load carried out on a single panel 2700mm high have shown strength in excess of 1530kN/m.

Lightness and easy handling
The panels are lightweight and ridged at the same time, even before the finishing mortars are applied (with concrete spraying equipment). The lightweight of the system prevents premature fatigue of workers which results in more productive hours and also allows for easy handling and assembly even in even in the most uncomfortable operating conditions.

Structures build in high risk areas with ISOTEX panel systems have proved throughout the years their capacity to withstand the most complex stresses and pressures of the forces unleashed by devastating hurricane force winds due to their integral nature and the monolithic connecting and anchoring system of the panels.

Thermal Insulation
The inadequate insulation of buildings in our climate causes a huge waste of energy from walls and coverings, which is typical of buildings built with traditional techniques. On the other hand, the ISOTEX buildings definitely improve thermal insulation and limit the energy consumption thanks to the polystyrene foam and to its very low thermal conductivity. The thickness and density of the panel can be customized to deliver specific thermal insulation requirements in compliance with the most stringent regulations. Furthermore, the EPS core extends throughout the surface which makes up the building envelope eliminating thermal bridging. For example, an ISOTEX PFD 080 wall with a finished thickness of about 150mm provides the same thermal insulation as an insulated solid masonry wall of about 400mm, with obvious advantages in terms of additional space.

Explosion Resistant
Many Laboratories and universities has carried out a series of tests of resistance to explosions of our different types of ISOTEX panels completed with different types of high strength cement. The tests were performed using powerful explosives and other ammunition, in a test chamber optimized to produce a shock wave uniformly on the face of the panels. ISOTEX panels have resisted excellently to the various tests.

Versatility and compatibility
ISOTEX building systems provides ample design flexibility and architectural freedom thanks to a full range of building elements, modular wall, floor and roof systems, load bearing wall elements, large spans floor elements, partition walls, curtain walls modular roof elements. Obtain any kind of geometrical form either plain or curved by simply cutting and forming the elements on site. ISOTEX constructive system are absolutely compatible with all existing construction systems; ISOTEX products, in fact, lends itself to be used to completion of structures in reinforced concrete or steel. Furthermore, the ISOTEX can be easily associated with other solutions, such as wooden roofs, (pre-stressed) concrete structures, steel structures or brick, as well as to be combined with the use of plasterboard walls. ISOTEX also lends itself to any type of finish on the market. ISOTEX system does not constrain the designer in the choice of certain products for the completion of the construction..

Variety of finishesWalls made with ISOTEX panels can be completed, at finishing level, either by applying a coating directly on the raw plaster or,alternatively, traditional paint on smoothed plaster. The aesthetic appearance of the interiors and the exteriors could be enhanced by the use of finishes and other building materials like tile claddings, decorative stones, textured stucco, siding, wood paneling (interior), gypsum (interior), metal cladding(industrial) and textured paint.

The ISOTEX System offers comfort for the human being and compatibility with the environment. It yields no toxic substances. And it doesn’t contain CFC’s (ChloroFluoroCarbon) or HCFC(HydroChloroFluoroCarbon), known to deplete the ozon layer. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any organic material, doesn’t rot, doesn’t attract termites and/or other insects and inhibit microorganism grow and fungus. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Synthetic) is recyclable directly in the production plant and does not cause any health problems for those who produce or install it.